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A young girl laughs with joy at the camera while swinging high on a swing. There are two other children on the swing with her.
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Why do children enter the foster care system?

If you’re considering becoming a foster carer, it’s crucial to understand why and how kids enter the system. With around 11 000 children in care within Queensland alone(1), the list of specific reasons and situations that lead to children entering the system is a long and complicated one. Let’s look at some of the more…

A new mother and father hold and smile at their new born in their kitchen.
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The types of foster care you’ve probably never heard of

Foster care is something that a lot of people know a little bit about. However, unless you’ve had direct experience with foster care in some way, chances are you have a broad view and aren’t aware of the very different types of care.   Children and young people come into care for all kinds of reasons.…

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Family contact explained

By Marc Gregory, Practice Development Facilitator, Mercy Community Supporting contact between a child and their family is a key part of being a foster carer. However, when many people first learn about this requirement, their reaction is one of disbelief. ‘Isn’t foster care about protecting children from the very people who’ve hurt them in the…