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Celebrating as a family

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Teenage boy in a suit smiles at the camera.

Jenny has been a foster carer with Mercy Community since 2009. She has two adult children, and is also a single-parent carer. Last year Jenny’s family had cause for celebration—her daughter was engaged, and the wedding date was set.  

While finding a suitable home for teenagers is never easy, Jenny has always welcomed young people of any age into her home.  

“It can be tricky to find carers willing to look after teenage boys,” said Natalie Wixted, Foster and Kinship Care Practitioner with Mercy Community, “Not only does Jenny do that, she just includes them so fully into her family.” 

Both of Jenny’s adult children are incredibly supportive of her role as foster parent, with Jenny’s son, her daughter and daughter’s partner all involved as additional role models for the foster children in Jenny’s home. 

At the time of the wedding, Jenny was caring for four boys between the ages of 12 and 17.  While one of the boys spent every weekend with his mum, the remaining three boys were naturally included by Jenny’s daughter in the official wedding party, as part of the family. 

There were fittings, there were rehearsals… and on the day of the wedding the three boys looked the part in their matching suits, waistcoats and sunglasses. 

On the day, the boys were all smiles. This will be an event they will never forget. We say a big ‘Thank you’ to carers and their families who, like Jenny and her daughter, give children in care that true feeling of family, every day.